American Cedar - Red Cedar Hardwood Casket

American Cedar – Red Cedar Hardwood Casket

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  • Made from Premium Red Cedar
  • Gloss Finish
  • Wood Stain: Natural Red Cedar
  • Wood Lacquer: Gloss
  • Interior Design: Forrest Head panel
  • Interior Fabric: Rosetan Velvet

Cedar Wood Casket Highlights Include:

  • Spindled Corners
  • Half Couch
  • Memory Tube
  • Adjustable Bed and Mattress
  • Swing Bar Handled Hardware
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Cedar Wood Construction
  • Fully Insured Product Warranty
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  • Exterior – High Gloss Red Cedar Finish
  • Interior – Rosetan Velvet Interior

Solid Wood Casket Dimensions:

  • Exterior width of casket:   28″
  • Exterior length of casket:  81″
  • Exterior height of casket:  24″
  • Interior width:   22″
  • Interior length:  79″
Weight:  240 pounds

This is a standard sized casket and fits in a standard sized burial vault. Please confirm dimension requirements with your funeral director.  If you need a larger sized casket, visit our oversized casket selection.  We are not responsible for determining the dimension requirements for your loved one.

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